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About_Ada Jonuse_Web3 entrepreneur _Startup mentor and advisor_Consultant_ Women empowerment agent

My Story

I left my home country Lithuania right after school. Since then I graduated in political science in Germany and the UK, received multiple scholarships, lived in 8 different countries including Nepal, Mexico and Costa Rica, did various traineeships with the United Nations and the German Parliament, worked in the European Parliament and almost started a successful career as a politician. Almost. This is when I heard about blockchain and embarked on a journey which was nothing like I imagined. Since then I am committed to building a new human-centered internet. 

Serial Web3 entrepreneur
and pioneer

I discovered blockchain in 2017 and went all in by founding a blockchain startup Lympo with the aim to help people to monetise user-generated health data. Data ownership was and still is one of the biggest promises of Web3, a new type of internet that will have the biggest impact on each internet user and our economic system. 


Lympo pivoted to become a GameFi company working with the world class athletes to release their NFT collections and build experiences around these assets. For example, it is developing a blockchain-based chess game together with the best chess player in the world, Magnus Carlsen. Lympo was acquired by Animoca Brands, one of the biggest global blockchain players, in 2020.


In 2021, I joined the founding team of the Blockchain Centre, a full-advisory and consultancy company for companies that want to enter Web3 launching their own tokens and/or NFTs.


Over the years, I have released multiple tokens, NFT collections, NFT minting and staking platforms and experimented with DAOs.


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Building is what I enjoy most. Aside from constantly learning, especially languages, building is part of my identity. 


Be it companies of which I co-founded 3 since 2017, non-profit organisations, for example, a fund to buy tens of thousands of microcontrollers helping fifth-graders to learn robotics, a network for women professionals W@, an IT and entrepreneurship conference #SWITCH!, a youth exchange program, a conscious leadership incubator Changebeings and much more. 


There is nothing as exciting as launching a new thing into the world and being part of the team owning and shaping that sprout. Some of the companies, initiatives, projects, communities I have built succeeded, some of them were short-lived. Failing is an important part of the process and a valuable learning material. New impulses keep on spinning in my head. My intention for 2023 is to dedicate more time for creative projects to experience myself as an artist.


Figuring out new waters is challenging. Being a Web3 entrepreneur since 2017, I have assembled vast knowledge and a huge network in the space. Empowering entrepreneurs and companies in Web3 is something that I deeply care about.


For that reason I co-founded the Blockchain Centre, a full-advisory and consultancy firm for anyone entering Web3. Me and my team consult on strategy, token and NFT releases, Web3 marketing, technology and other aspects of Web3 products. Our clients range from early stage startups to more established Web2 players looking for new opportunities. 


And we not only consult. The Blockchain Centre has gathered the best professionals to deliver top quality services in design, marketing, IT and other important domains. This way we can take full charge of our clients' success. 


I love telling a story about what excites me in the world of technology and Web3 in particular. My key notes, workshops, seminars, panel contributions have a lot of personal flavour, they are both well-researched and based on my experience. My target audiences are entrepreneurs, students, developers, and corporations. My languages: English, German, Lithuanian


My topics include: Web3 basics, Blockchain basics, Metaverse, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs), NFTs, Web3 for corporates, Web3 for entrepreneurs.

Selection of events:

  • Immerse Global Summit, Miami, 2022

  • Regens Unite, Berlin Blockchain Week, workshop facilitator, Berlin, 2022

  • Blockchain, Metaverse and Web3: the decentralised future of the internet, moderator, Vilnius, 2022

  • Build a Blockchain Startup: Decentralised Application Development and Entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley, guest lecturer, online, 2022

  • Miami Crypto World, online 2021

  • GeckoCon, CoinGecko conference, online 2021

  • First Mint Fest, online 2021

  • WHUB conference, online 2020

  • Women for Global Challenges, Vilnius, 2020

  • Nasdaq International Women’s Day event, Vilnius, 2020

  • Oslo Innovation Week opening ceremony, Oslo, 2018

  • Women on the Block, New York Blockchain Week, New York, 2018

  • Blockchain in Healthcare Congress, London, 2018

  • Startup Camp Berlin, Berlin, 2018

  • Innov8 conference, Berlin, 2018



Startup mentor
and advisor

I believe in entrepreneurship as a way to make a big impact in the world and in one's own life. Therefore, I love working with early stage entrepreneurs on their path to greatness. Since 2018, I have been involved in various organisations supporting tech founders:


My areas of expertise are Web3 (business models, leadership, partnerships, community building, token and NFT launches, security and others), early stage startups, pitch training.

empowerment agent

Women empowerment is at the core of everything I do. I have been part of multiple initiatives encouraging women to explore the world of technologies like the Women Go Tech mentorship program from which I graduated myself or the Empowering Girls project for schoolgirls. In 2015, I have joined a campaign targeting violence against women in Lithuania.  In 2016, I co-founded W@, a network for women professionals that unites more than 2,000 women. 


And, most importantly, I really love connecting with amazing women who question the status quo. Women superheroes energise me. I feel supported by so many great women changemakers and I give my support whichever way I can.


My current topic of curiosity is the hard problem of consciousness: how do we become conscious and what does that mean? It’s a fascinating topic ranging from cosmology, of which I am a huge amateur fan, to neuroscience, psychology and, maybe the most interesting part of all, personal experiences of altered states of consciousness. 


Music, art, plants, breathing are just a few ways of exploration that I am interested in. I am also attending a Master of Science Program on these topics at Alef Trust (UK).

I am building
a human-centered internet

Let's talk
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Ada is a passionate entrepreneur and activist. I’m happy to have met her when hosting a podcast and as one of 100 women changemakers in web3 and metaverse!

Testimonial1_Ada Jonuse_Web3 entrepreneur _Startup mentor and advisor_Consultant_ Women empowerment agent

Ada has provided a valuable pitch training session and useful insights for our web3 startups cohort as well as important intros for the Metarise fund.

Testimonial2_Ada Jonuse_Web3 entrepreneur _Startup mentor and advisor_Consultant_ Women empowerment agent

Ada has joined our Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide Hong Kong-based accelerator and has been instrumental in helping a web3 founder refine her product's Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Testimonial3_Ada Jonuse_Web3 entrepreneur _Startup mentor and advisor_Consultant_ Women empowerment agent

I met Ada through the Women of the Future book launch where she was featured as a top woman in web3. She provided valuable entrepreneurial insights from her web3 experiences that made the panel exciting and accessible.

Testimonial4_Ada Jonuse_Web3 entrepreneur _Startup mentor and advisor_Consultant_ Women empowerment agent


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